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Our Expertise

We possess the expertise to optimise the following business areas using insights from data analytics.

Formulate agile, cost-effective strategies that extract latent business value hidden in your voluminous data.

Create what individual customers need 
instead of making them need it.

Lift response and conversion rates by first getting into the head and heart of target customers.

Fine-tune business processes and innovate new ones to improve efficiency and expand profit margins.

Reduce risk and monitor results in real-time to minimise the incurrence of liabilities.

Boost loyalty and strengthen relationships by exceeding expectations throughout the journey.

We create concrete solutions in advanced analytics 
and advise clients on data-driven strategies.

We started in 2001 as a pioneer in data analytics in the United States.

Today, PulseMetrics is a distinct management consulting firm 

headquartered in Singapore and serving many clients in the
financial services and retail industries across Southeast Asia.

Data Engineering

We create a live data ecosystem as a strong foundation for our work by combining and processing good data with domain knowledge.

Data Analytics

We produce actionable insights and predict future outcomes to enable important and informed decision making by deploying techniques in modelling to machine learning.


We devise data-driven and customer-centric strategies that identify business development opportunities, attain business objectives and achieve optimal results.

Data Enrichment

We augment the value of data assets and make it audit-ready by using cloud solutions.

Data Visualisation

We communicate business intelligence and insights elegantly for change to be implemented effectively. 

We Share What Has Brought Us Success

Throughout our existence, we have been advising and generating

business value for our clients  through the innovative use of data analytics.


In this digital age where market disruptions are constant,

PulseMetrics is committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve
with our wealth of experience and extensive knowledge base in data science.

Our opportunities are not limited by geographical boundaries.

Let's discuss how we can value add to your business.

Tell us about yourself too - we'd love to get to know you better.

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