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PulseMetrics is committed to growing young talents in the field of data sciences. You will be involved in the process of integrating data to enable analysis of patterns and relationships among consumer purchase data, customer behavior and other types of data. Besides getting a foot in the door with us, making your future resume look good you will have a chance to 'test-drive' a career and decide for yourself whether is the right one for you. Ofcourse earning those credits for your certification is important too. 



 Interested students are encouraged to apply for respective country Data Science internships programme.


Singapore - May till July (best to submit by January)

Thailand - June till July (best to submit by April )


You need to be an undergraduate student of either:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

  • Bachelor's Degree with honours in Statistics

  • Bachelor's Degree with honours in Mathematics


You should possess curiosity and has an aptitude for problem-solving. Ability to think out of the box and proficiency in SAS, SQL or R are definite advantage. 


Eligible students are given an allowance and are expected to fulfill either a 12-week or16-week attachment. During your internship, you will be placed under a mentor and assigned to work on real projects. 


Unfortunately at this moment our programme are restricted to International students from Thailand only. 


Ready to join us?

Email your resume to

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