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PulseMetrics is a distinctive consulting firm that creates solutions in advanced analytics and advises clients on data-driven strategies. We have a successful track record in delivering significant value to our clients through projects in data science, CRM and integrated marketing


Our mission is to help our clients extract latent business value from the large amount of data they possess and apply the insights to optimise operational efficiency and formulate superior business strategies.


Founded in 2001 in the United States of America, PulseMetrics is now based in Singapore and mainly focused on serving clients in financial services and retail industries in the South East Asia region.


For each one of our clients, we have analysed their business challenges and implemented our unique analytical approach to overcome obstacles and generate value. Our projects include marketing analytics, customer segmentation, propensity modelling, Big Data initiatives, customer lifetime value prediction, pricing optimisation, and fraud detection. Some clients have even entrusted us with the responsibility of being their data science lab, where our mission is to conceive and test innovative solutions that address their specific business needs. To us, data science is as much a creative activity as it is an analytical one.

Our values

We live and breath the core values that are embedded in the design of our logo. These values form the foundation of our culture and shape the way we recruit, interact with one another, drive our business, and manage our relationships with our partners.

The Penrose Hexagon is an impossible geometry which represents our motto to "strive for the impossible". But the way we go about it has to make the results look simple & beautiful. We are joined in a circle of partnership amongst ourselves and with our clients, and the colours remind us to be dynamic & lively, yet rational & wise.

We never forget that our clients come to us by choice and we work hard everyday to keep their trusts. We encourage group collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We cherish our team members by fostering a nurturing environment in which we can all grow together. While we aim to create opportunities for each person to florish, we celebrate all achievements collectively.


Chin Yen

Founder & Managing Director

Yen has been a data science professional for over 20 years, accumulating deep experience in helping banks, insurers, telcos, retailers, and other corporate clients to embrace analytics and derive competitive advantages from data. Through the years, Yen has mentored scores of analytics practitioners who have gone on to become established professionals in their own right, and grooming talents in this field and launching their careers is the raison d'être of PulseMetrics. Yen is also a speaker and guest lecturer on data-driven culture and disruption. Prior to founding PulseMetrics, Yen was the director of product management for a US technology company.

Wong Gwo Shiou

Associate Partner

Starting his career as an intern in PulseMetrics many years ago and progressing steadily to become an associate partner in the firm, Gwo Shiou is a perfect role model of our development philosophy. Over the years, Gwo Shiou has sharpened his skills by working in countless projects across all the industries that PulseMetrics is active in. His ample experience in applying data science techniques to enable a wide range of business use cases is complimented by a leadership style that is highly adapted to the unique needs of data analytics projects, where seamless translation between business, analytics, and human understanding is key.

Kim Ling Chuang

Principal Consultant

Ling Chuang (or "Kim") brings a wealth of experience in banking and technology spanning more than two decades. During his career in banking, Kim led numerous end-to-end projects in risk management, credit stress testing, and data management. He also developed a globally-adopted solution for a Fortune 500 technology MNC to optimise lead conversion using predictive modelling. A highly intelligent individual who stays abreast of developments in AI and machine learning, Kim holds two master degrees from Purdue University in mathematics and computer science, as well as an executive MBA from Rutgers University.


PulseMetrics and I have worked closely for 10 years now. Led by founder & CEO Chin Yen, a person of high principles and standards, PulseMetrics has been an invaluable partner in my corporate and personal business successes. PulseMetrics' value-add falls into three neat elements: (i) a highly and strategic mindset towards partnership management; (ii) a skill-set that is both strategic in its thinking yet of high quality in its execution; (iii) an unwavering flexibility and versatility to meet demands and deadlines. Highly recommend any company seeking to leverage customer insights and data analytics in their business model to partner with PulseMetrics.

Gary W. Denson

CEO & Managing Director

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