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“What get measured, gets

Peter Drucker

The field of Data Science is exploding in 21st century.  Albert Einstein said we can't always track what we want to count, but that doesn't stop us from constantly exploring new ways to get the data we need. In analytic, success depends on asking the right questions. We are here to help you start right. Down the road we'll help you remove the noise when analyzing your data and isolate what matters to your business to help you can craft the best integrated marketing strategy for your customers. 


Our business thrives on helping our clients extract the latent business value that is hidden in their voluminous amounts of data.

Emphasize the importance in communicating results effectively. Changes is only possible with proper understanding!

Obtaining optimal results by applying appropriate techniques to solve each problem, always keeping the business objectives in mind...

Once a data-driven process has proven its value, we will automate part or all of the process to achieve higher efficiency and consistency

Sound data and domain knowledge is the foundation of everything we do

Ease our client's pains by managing the routine execution of tedious CRM programmes and customer engagements channels

Types of projects

& Fraud Detection
& Risk Management
Customer Insights
for Marketing
& Product Design
CRM & 
Customer Experience


To me, PulseMetrics truly epitomizes the essence of customer-centricity in delivering not just excellent work and service but in ensuring that what they bring is driven from totally understanding what I need as a client and how I can in turn take that forward as a very real, practical and extremely high value-add to my countries in the region. I am indeed very privileged to be working with Yen and his fantastic team of highly-motivated, intelligent and exceptional young people.

Jelyne Tan

Senior Vice President, Bancassurance, MSIG Holdings (Asia)

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