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Data Engineer

The Role

The Data Engineer will be expected to perform data management tasks such as data importing, data cleansing and data enrichment so that the information becomes useful for analysis.  A key focus of this role is determining which data is crucial and transforming it into useful information.


The individual should have an eye for detail, be a proactive problem solver and possess a team player mind set.




  • Performing data gathering and ETL (extracting, transforming, loading) processes to import data from various sources into a centralised data mart.

  • Performing data cleansing, de-duplication, and other processing in order to get the data into a form that is suitable for use.

  • Optimising database performance through data housekeeping, creating indices, and other database administration tasks to enable faster and more responsive analysis.

  • Perform data processing and feature creation to prepare for analytics tasks.

  • Work closely with cross-function team members to fulfill project objectives.

  • Any other tasks as assigned from time to time.




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or related fields.

  • Experience in data warehousing and data mining is preferred.

  • Proficient in:

  • Microsoft SQL  (T-SQL script writing & Basic Database Administration)

  • Microsoft Windows Server (Basic Server Administration)

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Automation (Programming, scripting or Visual Basic for Applications)

  • Knowledge of the following software platforms will be advantageous:

  • Oracle

  • SAS

  • Microsoft Reporting services

  • Microsoft Analytics services

  • Regional travel will be required.


Ready for the challenge?

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