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Our business is focus on helping companies gain insights from all things data, designing and implementing CRM strategies. Our mission is to power our client's successes through the power of Data Science. There is never a shortage of exitement working with us. If you are looking for Data Scientist jobs. We are hiring. 


First you will need to have a passion for data next not afraid of hardwork, has a sense of adventure to explore new ideas and re-inventing old ones. We are looking for creative, collaborative individuals who don't mind living out of a suitcase. Our projects are scattered across South East Asia. Interested to join the PulseMetrics family? 


Working with us is very challenging. We won't kid you but you'll love it. We take our work seriously but not ourselves. If you know what we mean. 

Our culture is all about having fun at work. Having a great sense of humor is essential. We believe rallying people who enjoy each other's company and respect each other skills it's the essence that make good company and deliver great work. 

July'16 Team Building @ Pulau Joyo
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