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Customer journeys are now multifaceted with multiple channels and touchpoints. We help our clients navigate the complexity and bring customer relationships to a new level.

PulseMetrics investigates data assets to create customer delight and unique experiences. We strengthen brands and solve pain points by mining data for infallible insights.

We empower businesses to sharpen their competitive edge by forging indelible moments for customers.

Customer Journey Optimisation

Customer Decision-Making Analysis

Customer Touchpoint & Journey Strategy

Omni-channel Strategy

User Experience Analysis

Win customers over with a seamless and 
pleasurable experience from start to end.

Customer Insights Generation

360-Degree View of Customer

Related Work

Harmonising Promotions For The Ultimate
Retail Experience



Pricing & Product Design,

Marketing & Sales,

Customer Experience

Predicting Trendiness For Stronger Customer Relationships And Partnerships

Payment Card

Pricing & Product Design,

Marketing & Sales
Customer Experience

Explore Other Expertise

We possess the expertise to optimise the following business areas using insights from data analytics.

Formulate agile, cost-effective strategies that extract latent business value hidden in your voluminous data.

Create what individual customers need 
instead of making them need it.

Lift response and conversion rates by first getting into the head and heart of target customers.

Fine-tune business processes and innovate new ones to improve efficiency and expand profit margins.

Reduce risk and monitor results in real-time to minimise the incurrence of liabilities.

Boost loyalty and strengthen relationships by exceeding expectations throughout the journey.

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