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Harmonising Promotions

For The Ultimate Retail Experience

Underwriting a Winning Marketing Strategy

A top retail conglomerate in Thailand with growing international presence engaged PulseMetrics to step up its marketing game in 2017. Already an industry leader, our client wanted to charge ahead of the competition by teaming up with banks, card issuers and brands to offer the ultimate integrated deals and promotions for its customers. To attain that effect, it was necessary to mine the customer data for a heap of insights such as which credit cards, products and retails branches are most preferred by the customer, and much more. This required a consolidation and integration of customer data among these players.

Raising the Bar to Delight Customers

To that end, our consultants worked in close collaboration with our client’s analytics and marketing teams. Building on our existing analytics work from previous projects, we created algorithms that could find and hunt for the most relevant offers—incorporating personalised credit card discounts and brand promotions. We then tested the accuracy of our models with several marketing strategies: optimised and random, via different channels.

Seeing Remarkable Returns

True enough, customers who received optimised offers raked the highest transaction volume and highest average spend per head. They were also almost three times likely to come and shop at the retail branches. Our strategic approach and analytics capabilities have shown to empower our client to hack its customer journey in activation and retention—generating interest, demand and conversions.



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