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We provide thought leadership in data science and advanced analytics.


PulseMetrics Institute is our strategic initiative to provide thought leadership to the business community in the domain of data science and advanced analytics. Our wealth of experience and extensive knowledge base in data science are assets to us and also our clients and partners.

In this age, business leaders and their teams need to routinely upgrade themselves with updated skills, methodologies, ideas, and possibilities. This is the purpose for which the PulseMetrics Institute has been formed to serve.

Having seen first-hand how some large corporations have struggled in the adoption of analytics to transform their businesses, we know a thing or two about what to do and what not to do. Often, the first instinct is to invest in new technology and layer them on top of existing processes. This is not the way to succeed, as it is akin to buying a fancy new car without knowing how to drive or maintain it, much less where to go with the car and whether it is suitable for the journey.

Our philosophy is built on the premise that the purpose of analytics is to sharpen business vision, while the proper use of technology is to actualise clearly-defined business goals. The first challenge in transforming a business to be data-driven is to formulate a strategic vision that is well-informed. That means having full awareness of the potential for change offered by the combination of your data, the latest technology, and top-notch analytics capabilities.


Once formulated, the strategic vision will dictate the development of new business processes and the re-organisation of internal capabilities including sourcing of data engineering and analytics talent. The section of appropriate technology and tools follow after. These aspects of transformation must come together to realise the full potential of data and analytics.

Therefore, the approach that PulseMetrics Institute advocates is driven from two directions:

Functional Perspectives

Executive Management

Risk Management



Product Design & Pricing

Customer Engagement

Top-down Strategy: to inform executive management about the new possibilities, and to assist each business function in creating visions for transformation.

Foundation Skills (Understanding)

Data Visualisation & Exploration

Analysis & Hypothesis Testing

Data Enrichment & Feature Creation

Behaviour Scoring Models

Causal Inference

Predictive Modelling & Segmentation (Techniques)

Heuristic & Regression Models

Neural Networks

Machine Learning

Clustering & Decision Trees

Customer Segmentation

Advanced Topics (Innovation)

Customer Lifetime Value

Size and Share of Wallet Estimation

Text Mining

Omni-Channel Next Best Action

Social Network Analytics

Bottom-up Skills: to groom data science and data engineering talents and imbue them with the right skills and also the right mindset, so that seeds for innovation are planted and given the chance to bloom.

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