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Making Strides In 

Marketing Campaign Personalisation

Reeling in the Traffic

A leading retail conglomerate in Thailand with growing international presence approached PulseMetrics to embark on its transition towards data-driven marketing in 2017. Its conventional campaigns were eroding in effectiveness due to the rise of e-commerce and the losing appeal of mass marketing. To address declining customer activation and retention rates, our client needed to implement more targeted campaigns with more attractive incentives. For this reason, our consultants were engaged to produce new insights from our client’s customer data, to design and implement sound strategies to drive personalised marketing & sales campaigns. Over the course of five months, we guided our client to adopt data-driven marketing, and developed an implementation plan for personalised offers according to each individual customers’ needs and wants.

Matching Products to Individual Customers

To kick off the project, we organised the millions of stock-keeping unit codes into more usable product categories. We also produced a first round of insights that covered a demographic customer segmentation. In this audit, our team identified missing gaps in our client’s database, and then carried out data enrichment to fill in the necessary information. This process involved pulling external data from national census and combining it with our client’s data to produce heuristic scoring models that can predict demographic attributes accurately. In the end, we had an effective organisation of products and a holistic single view of customers.

To realise personalised marketing campaigns, we drilled deeper into customer profiling—this time, doing psychographic and behavioural customer segmentation. We designed heuristic scoring models to gauge customers’ affinity level and the relevance of products to customers. Thereafter, by comparing the scores from different time periods, we could predict the status of each customer—whether a customer is loyal, active or at risk.

Cashing in on Campaign Success


Our work helped to sharpen our client’s marketing & sales strategy, resulting in a highly successful campaign within five months. The effect achieved was personalised in the product offer (i.e. from category-level right down to the brand-level) and selling approach (i.e. up-sell, cross-sell).  Additionally, we devised a personalised target spend to encourage customers to spend more. 

Thanks to the innovative work of our team, our client gained deeper insights into the attitudes, preferences and spending habits towards several of its retail business units. Most importantly, our client attained a higher average spend per head and a significant sales lift particularly among customers at risk. This was a promising sign that the retail conglomerate had hacked its customer journey in activation and retention through better purchase hooks.





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