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We help you cross the chasm between data and decisions.

From Data To Decisions

The Age of Big Data is the dawn of hyper-competition. No one can take customer loyalty for granted because the pervasiveness of data breaks down traditional barriers. A competitor who can harness the power of Big Data better than you will be able to steal your customers with the right offer, through the right channel, at exactly the worst time for you.


Competition will emerge from new quarters as control shifts from product manufacturers (e.g. insurers) to a decentralised network of channels and portals where customers perform the critical activities of searching, planning, and decision making (e.g. Google, travel booking sites).

Every organisation is now compelled by external and internal pressures to optimise its strategy and operations in a scientific way. In an era where data has become the new currency and a much desired asset, organisations that are savviest in utilising it will win.


As such, the Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century not just because in those mountains of data lies great gems that only these specialists can mine, but more so because the engine of growth of any large organisation needs to be converted to run on data, ideally real-time data. After all, data is the new gold. No where else is this more evident than in financial services, an industry in which PulseMetrics has accummulated deep domain knowledge and experience.

Albert Einstein said we cannot always track what we want to count, but that does not stop us from constantly exploring new ways to get the data we need. In analytic, success depends on asking the right questions. We are here to help you start right.

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